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birth photography

On-call Birth Photography. The moment has arrived?

On-Call Birth Photography

Several months ago, whilst looking for photography clients and I stumbled upon an ad looking for a birth photographer. The ad was looking for someone to do free photography, which most photographers are not a fan of. But I decided to send a message to the writer of the ad and offer my services. It seemed like it would be an adventure.

I love adventures!

Within the week I got a notification on my phone “RE: Birth Photographer.” I clicked it and opened it up only to find that the writer of the ad LOVED my work and wanted to meet with me if I was available. We set up a day and time and I went to her home to meet her and see the location in which we would be shooting. She had a gorgeous space with a ton of natural lighting and a very great personality. After spending about an hour at her home, getting acquainted with her and her husband, and getting a house tour, we decided to move forward and work with each other.

I immediately put the due date on my calendar with much excitement. I made sure that I kept all of my equipment packed up at all times, keeping my batteries charged and my lenses, tripod, and memory cards in a backpack close by. During this time of playing the waiting game, I decided that I wanted to make this something that I invested my time in on a regular basis.

The excitement, joy, and all of the raw emotions that come with this experience have definitely been a deciding factor. Being a birth photographer means being responsibly on-call at all times for months, weeks, days and even adjusting your daily routines. Life is then lived slowly on a day-by-day and then hour-by-hour moment until it becomes second-to-second.

Currently, I am on-call and got an “I am having contractions and will keep you updated,” text two hours ago. I am excited and anxious and hoping that I got everything that I need for the moments that are to come. Hopefully, by the end of the day, I will have some photography to share. Wish me luck.

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beautiful souls aligned

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