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Finding yourself


Over the years I have read many books. Most of the books that I have read give the idea that you are not your body. You are a soul. You are not the materials that you own, nor are you what you think you are. Personally, I have come to my own idea of WHO I AM. Whatever that may be for me.

To me, I am a combination of all that I have acquired. Knowledge, wisdom, experience, lessons, love, care, concern, worry, emotions, feelings, and simply BEING. How can I deny all that I am? How can I deny all that has made me who I am today? Everything, good and bad has contributed to the personality that is able to type about this very subject. I am filled with gratitude for all of it.

Most recently, someone asked me what would I recommend as far as helping someone “find themselves?” My response to her was “What exactly are you looking for?” She said that she felt lost and that she saw me tweeting about self-understanding and wished that she could feel the way that I did about such a thing. I am big on self-understanding. I have spent the last 5 years of my life dedicated to it in its entirety. This is a never-ending process. One will always pull things from out of the depths of themselves that they never even imagined existed.

To answer her question the only thing that I could do was ask her questions to make her think about who she was based on what she wanted and had experienced in life. Understanding yourself means understanding everything about you. Emotional intelligence comes into play also. For self-understanding, emotional, psychological, mental, and physical understanding are all equally important. It is a holistic self-understanding. I asked her the following questions:

What is it that you do?

What is it that you want?

What is it that you feel?

What are you passionate about?

What is that feeling of feeling lost?

What or what do you feel lost about?

Where are you in your life?

Where do you want to be?

What do you want to do with your life?

What do you want to do with yourself?

I told her that there are a lot of questions that you have to ask to get to the root of your feelings. I write about my feelings all the time. The smallest things I write about to understand where they came from, why they exist, and what is the root to them. By doing this I started to learn my own patterns. Once I learned my patterns, I was able to change them. Even the things that don’t seem relevant. If you emotionally overreact to something there is something rooted that is causing that reaction. Most of us ignore those signs when emotions are present because we don’t want to deal with them but it is extremely important to deal with these things as they find themselves coming up in our lives.

self-understanding | So Who are you?

Do you really want to know? If so, don’t be afraid to challenge your emotions and get to know them as if they were your friend. They are not as bad as people would like you to think. Get to know yourself, then find yourself deep within. Once you do, be confident in who you are and what you know and understand about all that you have learned, about YOU.

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