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Why do photographer’s cost so much?

Photography Costs

Photographer prices vary from photographer to photographer. I can only speak for myself when I say that the reason why my prices are what they are is for the following reasons:

Equipment&Time | Photography Costs

These are the main reasons why my photography costs what it does. I know that my rates are competitive in the realm of good photography vs amateur photography. Amateur photography, and sometimes even professional photography will get you just a point and shooter without any actual vision. This is why it is important to look at the work of any photographer that you plan on working with BEFORE choosing them to work with on a professional level. As far as equipment goes, photographers have anywhere from 1-2 cameras with 1-20 different lenses ranging from $100-5000. It takes time to pay this equipment off.

Initially, I charged $100/hr for my services. The way that this rate broke down was as such:

  1. Travel included in price (Sometimes up to 1hr travel in Los Angeles) + gas
  2. 1 Hour on site
  3. Travel back to my home (1 hour) + Gas
  4. Go through Images and delete the ones that aren’t good (1 hour approximately | I generally take 300-1800 Photos in 1 session)
  5. Upload images to Dropbox & Send a link to my client (30 Min approximately)
  6. Edit Images chosen by client & Send back

All of this totals up to anywhere from 3-4 hours of time on top of the 1 hour + spent on site for photography. Long story short, $100 is 4-5 hours of work plus gas. Consider this the next time that you are looking for a photographer and feel as if the prices are too much. If they’re more than you can afford, shop around and look for a photographer with the style you’re seeking with a price range you can afford. It’s okay to look until you find someone that can work with your needs and budget.


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