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How Multi-Tasking gets in productivity’s way | A simple guide for the small business entrepreneur

Multitasking is getting in the way of productivity

I like to pride myself of my creativity. The fact that I am able to do almost anything is something that I really appreciate having the ability to do. I can do anything from taking pictures, create anything I need, to running an entire business by myself. Productivity doesn’t immediately appear to present itself as an issue.


The challenge with multitasking is that multitasking is the death of productivity. Especially if you have an overactive mind or personality.

Here is a scenario:

A creative makes jewelry, does photography, has a part-time or full-time job, makes bath and body products, accessories, and runs a business of their own. This creative goes from making jewelry to posting pictures online to work, to scanning Instagram, to making wallets to updating their website. This can be overwhelming for anyone. This creative is me. Its taken me till the moment in posting this blog that I realized that this method does me no good. This method works to my detriment and allows me to constantly get in my own way.

Today, I sat down a created a plan on action.

Plan of action

  1. I sat at my desk and wrote down a brain dump of the things that needed to be done.
  2. Organized tasks by type (photography, online store, marketing, job search)
  3. I planned a week workload hour by hour on my computer so that I had a guide of what I was going to do when (this way I would not feel overwhelmed and wonder what to do next).
    • This way I didn’t feel like I was digging into a bag of possible options with no direction
    • I gave myself no more than an hour for each task so that each task was not too much.
    • I then gave myself wiggle room to adjust each task as it made sense. 

This is as far as I got, but my next step is to put all of these tasks on my calendar for the next month so that I have a month guidelined road to travel down throughout the month that will help me get to my end goal one way or another without running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I prefer to use Google calendar and make a new calendar for everything with color coordination. This one is called Monthly plan of action.

The goal isn’t to do it all. The goal is to create a plan of action to help you obtain the results you want.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed to help you get on track? Comment below


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