Lo the Photographer beautiful soul

My Name Is Lo

About my Beautiful Soul….

I created Beautiful Souls Aligned based on my affection for creativity, love & art. My connections with others also inspired me to create the many realms of this company. My interactions became connections, some of which have lasted a lifetime.  I am a multi-talented soul who has a passion for all things that are created out of love with love. Here you can find some of my most precious photographs, work & items all made and created with love. I started making everything you see for myself and then friends, family, and strangers sought to have my products as their own.

I take pride in my ability to see things in a way that allows me to capture moments that make my photography, jewelry, home decor, body products and art stand out. Through my personality, and personal perception of art and love I hope that others are able to enjoy and benefit from what I do and even seek out my work to have in their own collection.

On April 21, 2017, I lost my mother unexpectedly. She was known for always taking pictures and collected hundreds of thousands of print photos throughout her lifespan. My mother single-handedly inspired me to be the photographer I am today by always having a camera in her hand. She loved my photography and was also so proud of anything that I did. Because she is no longer able to capture all that this world has to be seen, I now shoot for her.

Beautiful Souls Aligned stands for the alignment of my many passions including; photography, art, love, and spirit in its many forms, It also stands for connection between people. I hope that you too will align in the movement to create, connect, express & love.

Yours Truly,